Mini Loaf Cakes

Our selection of mini loaf cakes are a great addition to your business meetings, afternoon tea parties or celebratory gatherings. With a variety of cake, buttercream and topping combinations, you are spoiled for choice! We have a minimum order of 6 and they are priced at £3.50 each.


Banoffee Loaf Cake

A succulent banana cake, covered in lashings of caramel sauce, juicy bananas, cream and Belgian chocolate sauce. A delicious treat for any occasion!

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Coffee & Walnut Loaf Cake

Mornings can only mean one thing! Coffee! So we have our coffee and walnut mini loaf cake with coffee buttercream, walnut halves and a sprinkling of coco powder on top! We think it’s the perfect way to kick start your day!

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Belgian Chocolate & Hazelnut Loaf Cake

Chocolate and hazelnut buttercream, Ferrero Rocher pieces, toasted hazelnuts and chocolate drizzle cover our classic, Belgian chocolate loaf cake.


Belgian Chocolate & Pistachio Loaf Cake

Our Belgian chocolate sponge, covered in real pistachio buttercream, pistachio croquant and a sprinkling of vibrant pistachio pieces.

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White Chocolate & Passion Fruit Loaf Cake

If sweet and tart is the flavour combination you prefer, we have created the cake for you! A light and delicious white Belgian chocolate chip sponge with white chocolate buttercream and lashings of passion fruit!


Rose Loaf Cake with Pistachio

Delicious rose infused loaf cake with pistachio buttercream, pistachio pieces and orange blossom jam. A truly decadent, summer favourite from us here at Sweet Savannah.


Summer Berries & Belgian Chocolate Loaf Cake

Lashings of summer fruit and vanilla buttercream, topped with a selection of fresh fruit, Swiss and Belgian chocolates and a white chocolate drizzle cover our classic Belgian chocolate loaf cake.


Peanut Butter & Belgian Chocolate Loaf Cake

Delicious peanut butter loaf cake with peanut butter buttercream, mini chocolate Reese's cups, peanut butter brittle topped with lashings of chocolate ganache.


Coconut and Lime Loaf Cake

Coconut loaf cake with sweet lime buttercream topped with coconut slices, lime and white chocolate drizzle


Pomegranate Loaf Cake

If you love pomegranate then you will love this addition to our mini cake loaf collection. Pomegranate cake topped with a pomegranate buttercream, pomegranate kernels and splashes of white chocolate finish off this fruit filled combination.